Home design concepts in India: How have things changed over the last two years?

Home design concepts in India: How have things changed over the last two years?

Home design concepts and trends in India seem to be doing an about turn. During the last 3-5 years, there was a shift to soft or cooler colors, but now traditional warm colours are back on the scene.

In the last few seasons, warm colours had been traded for cooler colours but in 2022 and more so in 2023, warm colours are making a comeback in a big way in India.

It may be that people’s preferences are changing and as Covid 19 was a game-changer for several sectors, in post-Covid times, people’s choices for warm colors seems to be making a comeback.

Some of the notable changes include curves over straight lines, rounded shapes over square or rectangular ones, bold wallpaper prints are in, nature identical and nature on the inside with  more greenery than before are some of the main changes we see on the Indian interior landscape.

When it comes to technical specs, multi-functional spaces and monochrome palettes coupled with smart tech, automation and more security features is what is doing the rounds in most newly-furnished or designed homes.

One of the biggest add-ons is the inclusion of automation and smart tech into home design. Automated or remote-operated curtains, windows and sound-controlled lights seem to be making inroads in most homes along with nature-identical furnishing and ambience.

On the professional front, it is said that the scope of Interior design in India is very encouraging, with a heavy demand for trained and smart professionals and the market will grow exponentially by 2025. The demand would certainly make it one of the most sought-after professions in India.

In the next 5 to 10 years, VR and AR tools will create increasingly immersive experiences, biophilic design will evolve into living surfaces that grow plants or fungi, and programmable materials will be modified by computer algorithms to suit users’ needs, changing over time as consumer demands vary.

What is encouraging to note is the opening up of newer segments as more and more middle class people want their new homes professionally designed. Earlier, professional interior design work was identified with the uber-rich and upper segments of society, but now even the huge middle class wants professional interior services, opening up a new segment for those in the business.

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