International trends in interior designing for 2023

One of the most notable interior design trends for 2023 is decorating homes and office space with greenery. Be it plants or wallpapers or nature identical fittings. The focus is on adding a touch of nature to interior design. Different indoor and outdoor plants are available these days when added to homes add real beauty to nature which looks amazing.

In addition to real plants that can flourish indoors, there are the artificial, look-alike shrubbery that is making a big splash.

According to international designers, the interior design trends of 2025 bring a breath of fresh air to our living spaces. It’s not just homes, even office and business spaces are seeing a turnaround toward “green fashion”. From earthy tones and natural materials to biophilic design, sustainability, and the creative fusion of technology, these trends shape a future where comfort, style, and consciousness intertwine, along with nature.

In the next two years, one  can expect to see an increased focus on integrating natural elements into interior spaces. Living walls, indoor gardens, and large windows that allow ample natural light will be popular choices, claim experts in the know. Biophilic design also emphasises the use of natural textures and materials such as stone, marble, and terracotta, with a touch of natural greenery.

Even huge gated complexes are adding green or nature-identical elements to their interiors and open spaces to give residents a feel of the forest or garden.

On the design front, for a long time, angular shapes and strict straight lines were the hallmark of luxury interior design. This year, designers are leaning toward furniture and home elements that embrace soft lines, curved shapes and free-style looks that subtly blend in with each other, rather than contrast and stand out individually.

The focus is on the complete picture, rather than on individual elements.

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